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LEGO® Legends of CHIMA™ Online

LEGO® Legends of CHIMA™ Online is an action-packed, free to play adventure game! Strike out on your own or team up with friends to fight the forces that threaten the magical world of CHIMA. Explore a vast and ever-expanding land, complete missions, build your own kingdom, and earn yourself a place in the Legends of CHIMA!

Free to Play
LEGO® Legends of CHIMA™ Online is a free-to-play online game! Memberships and Gold Bricks are available to enhance the experience, but purchases are optional – never required! All game levels in LEGO Legends of CHIMA Online are available to everyone who plays. Our multiplayer game mode focuses all players on common goals and objectives that allow everyone to contribute regardless of whether they’re paid members or not.

As the new commander of your Outpost, it is up to you to decide what you want to build and where you want to build it. Every building provides benefits from generating and collecting studs, creating weapons and armor, or providing your hero with special skills and abilities! You can also build and destroy LEGO creations within the game world.

Create & Customize
Be the hero you want to be. Your skills depend on what kind of Outpost you choose to build! There are no classes, no restrictions – you can play the way you want to play! Customize items by picking which color brick you want to build them with!

How to Play
To play the LEGO® Legends of CHIMA™ Online you need the Unity Plug-in installed on your web browser. The Unity Web Player is a free downloadable program you only need to install once. If you don’t have Unity, follow the instructions to install Unity after you click on the play button on the home page.

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