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Teenage mutant ninja turtles dark horizons Catch a shadowy glimpse of the Turtles as they light up the night in Dark Horizons! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Dark Horizons is an awesome online action game starring your favor [...]
Transformers Allspark Combat Its time to fight! the decepticons are trying to take over the world. pick your favorite autobot and fight the decepticons through 3 levels until our planet is safe!
Transformers autobot stronghold The Decepticons, lead by Megatron, have finally reached the Autobo’s Stronghold. Great Tower defender game with the Transformers theme.
Transformers Allspark highway game Transport the allspark to Optimus Prime. Be careful, the Decepticons will stop at nothing to prevent your success.
Volt Shelter for hotdogs Help them cat cartoon Volt transfer all dogs in the pack. It will have to skillfully maneuver. Once the fly sausage try to knock out her nose and then the main thing is not to drop [...]
Volt Run Run White dog Volt escapes from trouble. Try to help him. Push the button in time and jump the obstacles.
Kungfu Panda Tales of Po Follow the epic adventures of Po as he relives the tales of the mighty Dragon Warrior! In this awesome Start at the Origin of Awesomeness and make your way through Po’s memories! C [...]
Kungfu Panda Enter the Dragon Demon Lord Ke Pa has finally escaped and regained his full power. Does Po have what it takes to defeat Ke Pa? Help Po to prove himself as the true Dragon Warrior. Escape the Dragon [...]
Kung fu panda pawsome panda Take on Po’s perspective while you train and hone in on your kung fu skills. You never know when they might come in handy! Play Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness: Paw-Some Panda [...]
Hulk throw tank Play free Hulk Throw Tank game online. The man of steel and Thor are known for their super strength, but many comic book geeks affirm that they aren’t strong like the Hulk, m [...]
The Incredible Hulk Play free The Incredible Hulk game online. The Incredible Hulk is basically about smashing people, buildings and vehicles, since he has a difficult temperament. He is one of the st [...]
Hulk Bad Altitude Play free Hulk Bad Altitude game online. Even though he is not the nicest guy in the world when he is turned into the green monster, it’s not about the attitude but the altit [...]
Hulk smash up Play free Hulk Smash Up game online. Hulk is very angry and he wants to smash everything in his sight. You have to help Hulk to create as much damage as possible to the city before [...]
Marvel Super Hero Hulk game The green beast, aka The Incredible Hulk, is ready for some devastation in this cool Lego game online. Your mission is to take control of Marvel’s super hero and guide him to [...]
Beauty and the Beast follow my lead Help Belle teach Beast how to dance.
Beauty best guess Can you guess the order of the characters that Belle and the Beast have selected?
Bambi II Forest Friends Bambi is exploring the forest so help Bambi to find correct answers. You have to see very good the shadow and after that you have to click the item that matches it.
Bambi hidden objects Bambi Hidden Objects is our new super game that you are going to be playing on our site and try to establish all the connectons that are happening over there from time to time. It [...]
Bambi hidden numbers Find all given numbers on the screen.
Avatar fire nation barge barrage Conquer earth and water tribes with Prince Zuko by the fire nation barge. Just choose the village you want to attack and then gear up yourself for battle. The villagers are harder [...]
Which avatar are you? Select your preferences and discover which Avatar is sleeping inside you.
Avatar fortress fight 2 Launch fireballs and more at the other village. Try to take down their dojo by launching weapons.
Avatar the last air bender Aang On Help Aang in his bending practice!
Avatar elemental escape Switch between multiple game characters to complete the map and rescue all the team members.
Ariel water ballet Making Ariel dance her Water Balet is fun and as easy as 1-2-3!
Ariels Pearl Hunt Ariel is hunting for pearls in the seabed. Help her pick them up in this game similar to snake. Choose a difficulty level and start playing. Be careful not to collide with the bead [...]
Avengers Assemble - Avengers Tower Rush Marvel's Avengers Assemble Help Hawkeye and the Avengers protect Avengers Tower from the invading Hydra forces!
Thor - Bring the thunder Thor is on the case as villainy threatens the Nine Worlds!
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